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I'll eventually put something witty here. For now, a few notes:
  • Due to dependency issues or simple feature improvements, some packages which are part of the stock Slackware package set may end up here.
  • Under most circumstances, packages will only be updated for the latest stable Slackware release.
  • Packages from previous Slackware releases may eventually be deleted due to disk space constaints. If you want something, grab it NOW!
  • Direct links to the entire repo: http, rsync

Latest 10 packages, newest first
  • slackware-8.1: zlib kernel pan bbkeys blackbox
  • slackware-9.1: zlib kernel
  • slackware-10.0: mozilla-plugins mozilla distcc installwatch ccache
  • slackware-10.1: libevent rp-pppoe iptables aterm bbpager
  • slackware-10.2: xine-ui xine-lib subversion audacious-plugins audacious glib2 apr-util apr mcs alsa-oss
  • slackware-12.0: yodl glc inotify-tools squid icmake xfstt
  • slackware-12.1: memtest86 ndiswrapper wol k3b lame wmpower xmms-alarm xdelta ktorrent acpid
  • slackware-12.2: lsyncd kqemu qemu ndiswrapper diskfree flite
  • slackware-13.0: rsync inotify-tools ktorrent squashfs-tools tightvnc fnfx libdvdread intltool sqlite glib2
  • slackware-13.1: rsync handbrake ipfm ccache nano acpid pv e2fsprogs foxtrotgps quassel
  • slackware-13.37: tcl-inotify feh imlib2 tint2 openbox startup-notification ccache dillo fltk cabextract
  • slackware-14.0: libreoffice reaver pigz nullidentd fl-cow dyndnsupdate chkrootkit cd-discid cabextract aircrack-ng
  • slackware-14.1: nvidia tcl-inotify rxvt-unicode feh wmsmixer wmnd root-tail asmem ascpu tint2
  • slackware-14.2: yamagi-quake2 openal-soft quassel feh imlib2 exfat-utils fuse-exfat libdvdcss SDL2 ccache
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