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who's not ready for the desktop? [ 2004 Jul 31 ]
How about MS Windows?

Sure, it's a spoof. Ironically, it doesn't make the points any less true. Gotta love it. gets a facelift [ 2004 Jun 19 ]
It only took forever, but I finally finished the site redesign. Yay, me!

welp, all I can say is.. [ 2004 Mar 11 ]
good shit! (smell familiar?)

history repeats itself? [ 2004 Jan 22 ]
The same, but different

same old, same old.. this time with something novel: facts. [ 2003 May 15 ]
The (SCO) FUD stops here!

OSI Position Paper on the SCO-vs.-IBM Complaint

hmm.. TCO or TKO? [ 2002 Nov 07 ]
You decide.

Open Source Initiative OSI - Doc7:Halloween Documents (new)
Why Open Source Software / Free Software (OSS/FSS)? Look at the Numbers!

ooo, lookie here.. [ 2002 Sep 30 ]
Hmm, it only took me half a year to remember this site has a front page. Imagine that.

Now for the real reason for the update. I stumbled upon The Elements of Style: UNIX As Literature mere moments (well, minutes) ago. Read it. Now.

"there was no there there", indeed. :)

news from da geek [ 2002 Mar 10 ]
Welp.. I've finally settled on a design that I can live with - time to resurrect the site. Expect to see new stuff magically appear at random intervals (basically when the mood strikes for me to hammer out another page). Bits'n'pieces of my old vanity site will likely come first, interspersed with choice Linux propaganda & other tasty tidbits.

So.. buckle up & enjoy the ride.

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