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when in doubt, bash it [ 2002 Apr 20 ]
See alphageek.
See alphageek script.
Script, alphageek, script.

These tidbits come without warranty, support, explanation, or mercy. If their names don't provide enough of hint as to their function, read through them & see what they (attempt to) do.

Contrariwise, if I appear to have done something really stupid (ie: resulting in data corruption, unnessarily slow, or just plain fugly) & you've managed to make improvements, I have one word for you. Share.

pkgupdates [ 2004 Nov 04 ]
This is a simple, single-purpose script that checks the specified path (local filesystem or rsync) and notifies the user which packages (if any) may need to be upgraded. It was designed with 'slackware-$VERSION/patches/packages/' in mind.

Note: minimal sanity checking is performed, so attempts to outsmart this script will succeed - use your head.

pkgupdates (last tweaked on: Sunday, 08-Aug-2004 05:22:57 CEST)

rotate-backups [ 2002 Apr 22 ]
Go here first to see what all the fuss is about, then come back. (note: This is only the server-side half of things. For client-side, you're on your own for now)

rotate-backups (last tweaked on: Sunday, 24-Nov-2002 05:30:10 CET)

hardlink [ 2002 Apr 20 ]
I'm almost proud of this one. Makes it feel like my server's drive is constructed of 'purse material' (bigger inside than outside). I'm half tempted to run it from / to see what would happen. :)

hardlink (last tweaked on: Wednesday, 11-Dec-2002 06:20:28 CET)

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