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The Book, Revised [ 2005 May 16 ]
You've read The Book, you've wondered when it would be updated. Well, wonder no more.

The Unofficial Revised Slackware Book Project is proud to announce: Slackware Linux Essentials 2.0 has been released!

script-feh [ 2002 Apr 20 ]
Thought it was about time I started sharing a few of my bash scripts, so time for a new section.

They're not meant to be pretty, btw. Getting the job done is the first order of business. Dealing with the general fugliness & cruft comes later (if ever).

omfg, I don't know everything! [ 2002 Mar 15 ]
I finally clued into the existence of Netcraft yesterday.. sue me. How did this state of enlightenment come to pass, you ask?

It was a dark & stormy ni.. erm.. no, that was last week.

I was wading through my apache logs, muttering obscenities about the ubiquitous nimda & code red hits, when I happened upon a few "HEAD / HTTP/1.0" entries therein. My curiousity piqued, a quick host lookup, some browsing & lotsa reading spurred me to add the link at the bottom of this page.

M T [ 2002 Mar 10 ]
Sound it out. That's what this section will be for a short time while I figure out exactly what I'm going to put here.
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