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gee.. pictures [ 2002 Mar 10 ]
Welcome to the ubiquitous photo gallery. For those of you with a low nausea threshold, I'd suggest clicking to another page quickly, while there's still hope.

Still here? To view each image full size, click on its thumbnail.

Arrite, I admit it.. these pics are rather dated. When I can arrange time with a flatbed scanner, you'll be the first to know.

Me, my mom, the late Tommy (meow), & Pip (woof) during one of my last visits home. The garden kinda went <poof!>, didn't it?
Nappus-interruptus (aka: pillow ear). The Whisp (Bidadari Sweet Whispurr) waking up, fully charged. You are aware that cats are solar powered, aren't you?
The Whisp, perched upon one of her many strategic "keep an eye on da geek" locations. The computer, incidently, is an ever-so-slightly (yeah, right) modified CoCo3.
The Whisp's dam, Catcher (Bidadari Catch It Hot). Isn't she gorgeous? It's easy to see where The Whisp gets her good looks.
Hooter or Scooter (kinda hard to tell 'em apart), one of The Whisp's two sons wanting to know what the people were having. And no, he wasn't allowed to lick - just sniff.
Yet another member of the Bidadari clan, Cent (Bidadari Who Cent You?). He was so cute that I just had to include this photo.
TJ (Bidadari Plug-n-Pray). He's a handsome fellow & I'm given to understand that he's a quite the handful. Want to see more of him? Wander over to the Bidadari homepage.
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